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Kevin D. Harding, M.A., L.M.F.T.
    licensed in California & Hawaiʻi

I'm a psychotherapist with over 20 years of clinical experience. Born in Kailua, raised in the Bay Area, trained and educated in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, I have moved back to Hawaii and now live on Oahu.  My therapy sessions are held online by video conference, known to the health care industry as telehealth.  This allows contemporary yet traditional therapy sessions in the comfort and convenience of your own home, or wherever you choose to be. Couples can even meet with me while in different locations.


Custody evaluation is a legal process. As a court-appointed mental health expert, I evaluate a family and make a recommendation to the court for custody matters.  This may include giving a recommendation as to who is granted physical and legal custody, where the child would live, a visitation schedule, and a parenting plan.  When performing the custody evaluation, I always act in the child's best interests.


My therapeutic style is pragmatic.  I do this by using solution and goal-focused  integrative therapies. I help people and couples explore their issues, challenges, and options.  They begin to see their lives in a more positive way as they move past these challenges to discover and get what they want. Together, my clients and I learn about their troublesome "holding patterns" and I assist them in charting and moving towards a new direction.


I have flexible and extended hours to fit into your schedule including nights and weekends by appointment. We can meet on your phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, or smart TV. You don't have to download an app or program, the HIPPA compliant secure technology is as easy to use as clicking a link from an email that I will send you. Because we are all busy, and situations arise, I do not require advance notice or charge to reschedule or cancel a session.




Hawaiʻi license: LMFT-539              mobile: (415) 694-2040               California license: LMFT-43089        



"Kevin Harding combines a wealth of life experience, clinical knowledge, and versatility to his work. He is exceptionally dedicated, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic about life, and this is reflected in his professional practices. A talented and skilled communicator, he is able to bond with his clients. Individuals in need respond to his warm, creative, energetic personality and compassionate approach. They come away with greater insight of themselves and the courage to face the future."
—Steven Benoit, MFT, Mental Health Access Program Coordinator, S.F. Department of Public Health


"Kevin's positive, solution oriented approach to therapy helped me through a very difficult period in my life. When things seemed the darkest, Kevin's system of breaking problems in simple, achievable steps helped me put my life back together, a piece at a time. His ability to cut through to the heart of the matter allowed me to see the true causes of my suffering and to reduce their sway over me. My time with Kevin was truly time well spent."
—Issac D., Accountant


"I have been a client of Kevin Harding for over a year. He has been the most helpful — the most useful! — therapist I have ever seen. Many therapists seem to "discover" things I have already known for years; Kevin constantly thinks of ways of looking at things that surprise me and get me started in a better direction. He also gives very good practical advice. He is especially sympathetic to the problems of artists, people with an intellectual background, and those who don't want to be nine-to-fivers but do want to be more successful and happy at what they do."
—GL, Professional Dancer


"Kevin was the best therapist I could ask for at just the right time. Working with him brought great focus to the current issues and tasks at hand instead of just on pre-prescribed diagnosis that sometimes in the past, had me feeling as if I was crippled by some mental issue. I'm not and since I started seeing Kevin much has happened, and the future looks very bright. Kevin is the perfect therapist for someone who thinks creatively outside of the general box as this is how he handles his sessions. He's knowledgeable and adaptive to the situation."
—Douglass G, Physician


"I'm a 32 years old professional. I've seen mental health professionals off and on since I was ten years old and I have been exposed to a variety of therapists and therapeutic methods, models, and styles. Kevin Harding seems to have the ability to use any style or method he needs to assess issues and provide directions or solutions. He listens and he watches with detail — like the ability to see the current of a Koi pond — for the purpose of focusing the therapy session and pursuing a solution. And, he doesn't like wasting my time."
—SG, Attorney


"I worked with Kevin for a year. In that time my life improved immeasurably. I got a handle on my work life, my home life and my inner life. When I started with Kevin my life was at about the lowest point I'd ever imagine it being. With his insight and support I was able to pull it together and grow. Today, I have a great job, a new home and a very healthy perspective on life."
—Gary F., Teacher


"A therapist is a tool, to help cross those hurdles, to place those angst ridden riddles into context, and to help decipher those insecurities that sometimes mar the path of ones goals. Kevin is that therapist for me..."
—Jamison L, Professor

"I have been seeing Kevin Harding for the past year. Kevin was a great help to me in my time of need. I am going through some very tough times in my relationship right now. I signed up to see Kevin because I needed someone to talk to and I did not want to talk to my friends or family. I did not want to hear "everything is going to be O.K." or "Just get over it and forget about it". He did a great job of not trying to get me to feel a certain way about things. He would listen and ask how I felt about the situation. Together we would come up with a strategy on how to handle what was going on. It was great to be able to talk to someone who was there for me and best interest and did not have their mind made up. He is very open and easy going. If felt somehow comfortable talking with him, right from the very beginning. If I did not have someone like Kevin to talk to I do not know how I would have made it to the point I'm at right now. He gave me a lot of helpful advise and was a great shoulder to cry on. When ever I talk to him I feel like I can tell him my deepest feelings and I will not be judged but helped."


"I went to Kevin because I was required to do mandatory counseling after a death in the family so that I could continue to receive scholarship funding. Because I felt so comfortable sharing, I am still going even though I am no longer required. It is useful to be able to talk to someone so freely in a relaxed environment, and I whole-heartedly recommend him to anyone who feels like it would beneficial to converse with someone who is personable, witty, kind, and good at listening."
—Ivy, College Student


"Kevin knocks my doors which I did not know its exist. I'm afraid to open them but he encourages me to open those. He waits with me until when I open them. Lots of junk come out from the doors. After he helps me to sort things out, i organized them and put some of them back behind the doors. Its become much less junk and look clean. He can be a good housecleaner. Thanks!"
—Itsuki, Writer


"My feelings about my experience working with Kevin Harding. I have worked with Mr. Kevin Harding for the better part of 1 year now, I worked with other therapists for a much longer period and had no real break throughs to speak of. Working with Kevin I was really able to start changing some of my root behaviors that were the source of negative impacts in my life! I learned so much in a short amount of time that truly changed my life in the most positive ways possible. Kevin Harding is one of the most truly un-biased humans I have known. He has helped me in making some very positive changes in my life. I am grateful to have had his influence and his help."
—Patty S., Hospice Care


"My wife and I began seeing Kevin in the summer of 2010. At the time we were living separately after 6 years of marriage and we were more likely headed towards divorce than our 7th anniversary. We were at a crossroad. With Kevin's guidance and support we were back living together by October of 2010. Today, our marriage is very healthy and happy. We still have our disputes, but they are few and far between — something I don't believe would be the case had we not continued to see Kevin for almost two years now."

-----Anthony L, Programmer

"Kevin is very easy going, likeable, and an excellent teacher of establishing boundaries and improving communication skills. He provides us with a an extremely comfortable environment to continue to improve our marriage. He is very tactful in determining when he should join the conversation and helps us set goals for our union and more importantly, keeps us accountable in working to achieve these goals. I cannot recommend Kevin enough. Prior to working with him, I held a stigma towards counseling/therapy. I could not have been more wrong, and I have my marriage to prove it. If your relationship is in need of improvement, Kevin is the man to see."
—Mr. M., Corporate trainer


"I have been seeing Mr. Harding for several years now and am very pleased with all of the help therapy advice and recomendations he has provided me with. Mr. Harding is a very easy going person that makes therapy very comfortable and seem like a unknown friend you're talking to instead of a head doctor. I appreciate and respect his work. He has helped me cope and deal with various issues and now I am in a place of content. I have been able with his assistance to get and keep my job now for over 1 year and can depend on him if needed when going through anything. Not only have I found great happiness in myself but life is now a lot better and I truly believe that Mr. Harding is a great reason to my happiness."
—JawanaNicole A., Cashier


Individual and Couples Therapy

For the past 19 years, I have helped individuals overcome issues associated with depression, anxiety, stress, grief, anger, life transitions, social skills, parenting, work and relationships. In couples therapy we work on problems including deciding which direction to take the relationship, reconciliation strategies or divorce planning, co-parenting, infidelity, empty nest, and monotony.  I also offer life coaching, clinical supervision, trainings, seminars, am a registered court custody evaluator, and will testify as an expert witness.


Video conference therapy is unique because it provides the essence of therapy in convenient, post modern manner: a therapist meeting face-to-face with a client or clients providing classic, traditional psychotherapy through contemporary technologies. Because of different factors such as location, time availability, desire for privacy, and convenience, many are not able or willing to become involved in office based therapy. Telehealth is a direct response to this need. Through online video conferencing, a therapy session can take place where a therapist is in his or her office, and the client is or are in the comfort and convenience of their home or any other location

Family Therapy

This type of counseling is useful for addressing family-wide problems such as conflict between parents, siblings and extended family members. All are invited into the therapeutic process. The family system has its own structure and patterns of communication, which may be defined by parenting styles, personalities and other influences. Every individual is, in part, a product of the environment they grew up in. Family plays an important role in our emotional, physical and spiritual development since each individual in the family system impacts and is impacted by the others. What happens to one person can change the lives and interactions of all the other family members. The focus of treatment is on changing the family structure rather than changing individual family members.


Contact Me

To schedule an appointment or for a free consultation, please call, text, email, or fill out the boxes below. I work with clients who live in either California or Hawaiʻi and accept most insurance companies. Because I specialize in telehealth, I am able to provide video and mobile therapy services wherever you are.

Tel:  (415) 694-2040

Hawaiʻi license LMFT-539

California license LMFT-43089     

Hawaii location:


California location:

San Francisco

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